What is Corian?

Corian is a man made synthetic stone it looks and feels like granite. It is impervious to all weather conditions and is maintenance-free. Corian also offers no moisture absorption and resistance to stains, environmental pollutants, detergents, humidity and freeze-thaw conditions.

Do you use transfers or paint for the inscriptions?

No all our inscriptions are carved into the face of the memorial the cut Corian leaves a natural white finish to highlight the lettering with the Oak we cut deeper into the face to give a clearer 3 dimensional effect

How is the Oak Finished?

The oak is finished by hand with natural Waxes.

Does the Oak need regular maintenance?

Like any timber product to keep as delivered maintenance would be required this is why Oak is the chosen material, it has been used in this capacity for many centuries without being touched, it will naturally change with the seasons to a silver grey but the lettering will remain vivid as it is part of the wood and not a acrylic plaque.

Why do you use Stainless Steel?

Quite simply because its the best and will not rust

Is the price all in?

Yes the price includes the memorial, the carving and delivery.

Can you do one off special commissions and custom work?

Yes we can. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

What text and symbols/insignia can be inscribed?

In terms of text, please bear in mind that certain factors can affect what is possible to fit on the item (such as the positioning of the text and whether you want a symbol, which takes up space). In terms of symbols and insignia, we provide a range of common symbols. If you want your own symbol or isignia, please give details and we will see what we can do. It depends on what is possible, but we always try our best to accommodate.

What is the turnaround time once I have placed by order?

Currently the turnaround time is approximately 7 working days from the customer's approval of the design drawing. Please contact us if you want us to give you a firm turnaround time.

Does Handcrafted Memorial have a refund policy and can I see it?

Yes. Our refund policy complies with EU regulations with regard to the supply of customised goods and can be read here.

We do offer a full money back guarantee during the design process up to your proof authorisation. In the unlikely event that we cannot full fill any special requirement you may have we will refund your monies in full with no design or proof charges, unfortunately after this point we cannot make refunds due to the memorial being designed by you for you and with no commercial value other than to you. 

What currencies are accepted for online purchases?

Presently, our online purchasing system can accept payments via the WorldPay payment service in British Pounds Sterling GBP only.

Do you fix memorials?

No we do not fix memorials all of our memorial plaques are for self placement.

Where do you deliver to?

All mainland UK post codes, we can arrange international delivery at cost.

How do you deliver?

We deliver by national courier.

What if my memorial plaque arrives broken?

You will need to advise us within 24 hours of delivery email a photograph to us of the damage and we will replace the memorial immediately. 

Are your memorial plaques suitable for my garden?

Yes very much so, many of our customers do exactly that.

Do I require permission to place a memorial plaque?

All locations differ, you do need permission to place a full size headstone due to their weight and size, but plaques and memorabilia are allowed in most but not all, as all locations differ you would need to establish this..

Is there a fee for placing a memorial plaque?

Again all locations differ from no fee to substantial amounts. Again you would have to establish this, if any this is payable by yourselves and not included in our costs.

Are you familiar with all cemeteries rules?

No we are not, we do not undertake work in cemeteries so can not advise on individual locations.

Do you make contact with the cemetery on our behalf?

No we are manufacturers. The placement is by you and your responsibility.

Can we add additional text in the future?

Yes you can simply return the memorial plaque to us and we will add the text refurbish the stone and send it back to you for a fixed fee + p and p.

Do you charge per letter for engraving?

No we do not all of our lettering is unlimited and included in the price, it only has to fit the size of the memorial plaque you have chosen, so the only limitation is space.

Do you supply to the trade?

Yes we do.